The name of the organization “Saajhi Duniya” partly exhibits its ideology and commitment. We believe in the construction of a world which is based on sharing, cooperation and respect for social-religious pluralities. Our work started in late nineteen eighties with just two hands at the time when there were conscious efforts to create hatred for minorities and destroy all ideas of plurality and tolerance. Some more hands joined in a little later and we took intensive campaigns for secular polity and against divisive propaganda. We held small and big meetings, distributed pamphlets, wrote in newspapers, formed sensible alliances, took out rallies, intervened in explosive situations in favour of peace and did relief work in the disturbed areas(which were mainly minority inhabited). At several occasions we even risked our lives in doing the relief work and carrying out the campaign.
 Since those years of Ayodhya-Kashi-Mathura heat Saajhi Duniya has been expanding to include many more issues like gender, basic education and other human rights issues. We have also taken a more formal shape by registering ourselves in 2004 and obtaining permissions for 12 (A), 80 (G) and FCRA. Now we have a well known identity and are known for our passion and credibility. Most of the funded or unfunded organizations take our help for expert opinions on human rights issues, especially on communalism, gender and education. But we remain unfunded, using our own resources to carry out the work. We have survived only because of a group of dedicated youth who are donating their time and energy.
            However, the work has so much increased and the challenges   have so much increased that it cannot be carried out only with personal pockets and donated time. Especially, the work on gender issues has increased manifold. A large number of women victims of violence seek our help and we provide services of a large range from counseling to fighting cases in the law courts. The cases come not only from the whole of UP but also from places outside UP. We are also carrying on intensive work on sensitization and training. Primary and secondary education, women’s leadership development and pluralism are other areas of our regular work.

To carry on this work and fulfill the expectations of society which we have earned we are now badly in need of financial support.