Saajhi Duniya, with its vast educational experiences, believes that most, though not all, such children who perform lesser than average in their schools, do so not because of being less intelligent but due to several other factors like:
  • School atmosphere being boring and depressing;
  • School teaching being non-engaging and uninteresting;
  • Family environment not being congenial , and
  • Lack of individual attention which may be needed by some children.
Based on this belief and under the Project "Helping Slow Learning Children of Economically Weaker Sections to Improve Their Learning", Saajhi Duniya visited several schools of Lucknow where mostly children of economically weak sections enrol. Through joyful learning methods, Saajhi Duniya team tried to make the subjects interesting and simple for these children to understand. Besides, the team also had extra sessions with children on socially relevant issues that strengthen constitutional values. The children were also involved in extra curricular activities like songs and skits.