At a meeting on Friday, February 28, 2020, members of Saajhi Duniya expressed their deep condolences on the demise of its former Chairperson Ms. Mohini Mangalik.
          Mohini ji was an integral part of Saajhi Duniya since its registration in 2004. She was a different class altogether. An institution in herself, Karachi born Mohini ji was dearly loved and revered by all. Gracious, gentle, dutiful and compassionate, Ms. Mangalik’s humanism touched everyone. Young and old from all walks of life were drawn to her. Her magnetic smile and humility put all at ease. She was perfect embodiment of the Ganga Jamuni tehzeeb and we were extremely privileged to have her in our midst.
          Ms. Mangalik was a pillar of strength for Saajhi Duniya. Her benevolence, wide vision and great learning firmly established Saajhi Duniya as a reputed organisation committed to upholding core ethical values of a free, egalitarian, all inclusive society that cherishes the dignity of each life.
          Her contribution was immense and unparalleled. The vacuum created by her demise can never be filled. Her loss is irreparable.
          Saajhi Duniya deeply mourns the loss Ms. Mohini Mangalik. It would continue to uphold the values and principles for which she stood for and lived.