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                       Saajhi Duniya                 
                     साझी दुनिया 

            ساجھی دنیا


            For a World of Sensitivity,
             Sharing and Equal Rights


Saajhi Duniya began some decades ago with passionate intervention by a few individuals in the increasing communal situation in the country. For a couple of years it worked without a name or structure. Soon a structured group emerged under the name "Nagrik-Dharma Samaj", and other issues of human rights, especially gender issues, came in the focus of our activities along with the question of communalism. Also, the name "Saajhi Duniya" replaced "Nagrik Dharma Samaj". Although, working for several decades,  almost entirely on our personal resources, “Saajhi Duniya” got itself registered only in 2004 under the societies Registration Act of the Government of India.


  1. To create a society in which there is no exploitation of any kind and all human beings are free and equal.
  2. To work for equal rights and complete equality of all human beings, especially of women and men.
  3. To work for building a society which is based on cooperation and in which human dignity is respected.
  4. To work for the composite culture of the country and against communalism.
  5. To work for social harmony and against any type of violence.
  6. To work for making the State and all civic matters completely secular.
  7. To work for developing goodwill, mutual sensitivity and open mindedness in people.
  8. To make efforts to eliminate all types of dogmatism and superstition and to develop scientific temper and critical thinking.
  9. To defend those laws which eliminate the oppression of any community or individual in society and to work against all such systems and practices which are oppressive or promote inequality.
  10. To defend the rights and self respect of women and to work to save them from any kind of oppression.
  11. To work for making women self reliant.
  12. To work for the rights and well-being of marginalised sections like dalits, displaced, adivasis, women, etc.
  13. To work for the rights of children and against their exploitation.
  14. To make efforts to establish greater integration between human beings and nature.
  15. To establish and manage different kinds of organisations such as schools, children's organisations, youth organisations, library, shelter homes, cultural and intellectual centres, etc. to fulfill the above.



Communal Harmony and Secularism
  • Collecting and generating literature.
  • Intervention in communal matters/episodes.
  • Awareness Programmes and training programmes.
Gender Issues
  • Awareness/Training workshops on women's issue and on masculinity.
  • Dealing with cases of violence on women. Helping women victim of violence or other injustices.
  • Raising gender issues and intervening in matters related to women.
  • Sensitization workshops in schools and colleges and other places.
  • Advocacy of women's rights.

Literary and Issue Based Meets
  • Weekly meets for literary writings and other cultural forms/discussion on social issues.
  • Providing platform to young creative writers, performers and artists.
  • Occasional lectures/seminars on social issues.

Right to Information
  • Helping the public in availing the right to information and disseminating knowledge about this right.

Farmers' Issues

  • Intervention in the cases of marginalized farmers who are victims of loan economy. 

Child Abuse
  • Rescued several children including 3 tribal girls from bonded labour and sexual abuse.
  • Arranged for the education of several poor children.

Just Education 

  • Intervention in unjust educational processes.
  • Study of various aspects of education and advocacy for quality education as a means of social change in the direction of an egalitarian and just society.
  • Working for quality education as a fundamental right to all.

Scientific Temper

  • Advocacy against dogmatism and superstition.
  • For rational and unprejudiced beliefs.



  • Research & Documentation
  • Dealing with cases of Violence
  • Advocacy and Campaigns
  • Capacity Building and Training
  • Outreach Programmes
  • Networking
  • Sensitization & Awareness workshop



  • "Women and Media in the Context of Globalization" 
  • "Through the Gender Lens: An Analysis of Nation and Identity in School Textbooks"
  • "Fundamentalism and Women"
  • "Women's Access to Justice"
  • "Engaging Men & Boys For Gender Justice"



Providing access to progressive literature. (Donations of progressive literature solicited.) The library is called "Yashpal Pustakalaya".

  • Our Motto --   Human Rights and Equality for All
  • Our Motto--    Human goodness and Capability
  • Our Motto--    Scientific belief, sensitive understanding and committed intervention
  • Our Motto--    The Marginalised
  • Our Motto--    Composite Culture, Freedom & Plurality

Registered Office : M-1/14, Sector-B, Aliganj, Lucknow - 226024

Camp Office : B-335, Mahanagar, Gole Market, Lucknow - 226006

Tel. : +91-9335905337, +91-522-4072856

Saajhi Duniya is registered under section 80-g (5) (VI) of the I.T. Act 1961 and offers tax exemption on all donations.