Executive Committee

Ms. Mohini Mangalik

An ex- faculty of Lucknow University Ms. Mohini Mangalik taught at Isabella Thoburn College before joining the university. She is the founder member of ‘Craft Council of India, Lucknow’ and ‘Theatre Arts Workshop’. Ms. Mangalik has done a lot to revive the traditional craft of Chikankari  and supports the organization “Future Earth” to spread awareness of the environmental concerns. Read More..

Mr. A. Salam Siddiqui
Senior Vice President

Mr. A. Salam Siddiqui has been the Principal of Mumtaz Inter College. He is a known educationist and writer. A lover of literature, Salam Siddiqui has worked for communal harmony for many decades. Read More..

Dr. Sabiha Anwar
Junior Vice President

Dr. Sabiha Anwar is a known Urdu writer and educationist. She has served as the Principal of Karamat Husain Muslim Girls P.G. College for 12 years and has been the head of Urdu Department of the same institution for 28 years. She is well-known for her short stories. Besides publishing two collections of short stories she has also authored books on literary criticism. Read More..

Professor Roop Rekha Verma

Professor Roop Rekha Verma taught philosophy in the University of Lucknow for 39 years, having broken past academic records at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She gained eminence as an academician very early in life, having published papers in some of the most coveted journals and having been referenced by some most eminent thinkers on the globe. Academic excellence soon got combined with her passion for social activism which she started when she was in her mid-twenties. Today she is recognized as a major voice against religious fundamentalism and conflict, violence on women and on many other human rights issues. Read More..

Dr. Ankita Mishra
Joint Secretary

Dr. Ankita Mishra has been associated with Saajhi Duniya since 2006. A Doctorate in Women’s Studies, she holds a diploma in Journalism as well. She has been a core member of the research team working on several projects of the organization. She is the leader of the choir of Saajhi Duniya and leads the music group. Read More..

Ms. Uzma Zaki
Joint Secretary

Uzma Zaki is trained in Law and has also done post graduation in women’s studies. She has been part of research teams of Saajhi Duniya in various projects. She has helped the organization in the counseling of the victims of violence and in pursuing cases. Read More..

Ms. Tasneem Fatima

Tasneem Fatima has done her Post-Graduation with Sociology. She has been associated with Saajhi Duniya since 2007. She is an active  member of the core team of Saajhi Duniya which executes the daily activities of the organization.She has worked with Saajhi Duniya as a researcher in several projects. Read more..

Ms. Mina Kala

After finishing her Masters course, Mina Kala, 62, worked at the State bank of India for five years. Sha resigned and took up teaching in a Post Graduate Women’s College in Kanpur. Thereafter , for over twenty five years, she taught Economics at Lucknow at the undergraduate level. A debating and  quiz enthusiast ,her fields of interest  focus on women’s issues ,  especially on matters of their emancipation, empowerment and  the need to change the attitude of  society towards  them. Read More..

Ms. Tazeen Fatima

Tazeen Khan  has done her Post-Graduation with Modern History and English Literature. She has been associated with Saajhi Duniya since 2012. She is helping Saajhi Duniya in the  counseling of the victims of violence and  is pursuing the court cases on women’s behalf. Read More..

Mr. Shavez Waris

Shavez Waris has done B.Tech in Information Technology. He has been associated with Saajhi Duniya from March 2014. He is an active  member of the core team of Saajhi Duniya which executes the daily activities of the organization. Read More..

Ms. Shehla Ghanim

Ms. Shehla Ghanim is a lover of literature and culture. She has joined various fora related to Urdu language, social service and religious harmony. Read More..

Dr. Ayesha Siddiqui

Dr. Ayesha Siddiqui, eminent urdu short stories writer, has been the Principal of B.V.N.I. College of Lucknow. She has been included in the "Who's who" of Asia Pacific and has published her short stories in prestigious journals, besides a collection named "Ghoomte Chaak Ki Keel". She is the author of "Poorbi Deson Ki Kahaniyan" which give folk tales for children. Dr. Siddiqui has been bestowed with the following awards: 

  1. U.P. Urdu Academy Award 1983.
  2. West Bengal Urdu Academy Award 1984.
  3. Teachers' Award 1992.
  4. Imtiaz Meer Award 1993.
  5. Bazme Urdu Award 1997.
  6. Krishna Chandr Award 2000.