Our Activities

Communal Harmony and Secularism
·        Collecting and generating literature
·        Intervention in communal matters
·        Awareness programmes
Gender Issues
·         Awareness/Training workshops on women’s issues and on masculinity
·         Dealing with cases of violence on women. Helping women victims of violence or other injustices.
·         Raising gender issues and intervening in matters related to women.
·         Sensitization workshops in schools and colleges.
Literary and Issue Based Meets
·        Weekly meets for literary writings/discussion on social issues.
·        Providing platform to young creative writers, performers and artists.
·        Occasional lectures/seminars on social issues.
Right to Information
·         Helping the public in availing the right to information and disseminating knowledge about this right.
Farmers’ Issues
·       Intervention in the cases of marginalized farmers who are victims of loan economy.
Just Education
·         Intervention in unjust educational processes.
·         Study of various aspects of education and activism for quality education as a means of social change in the direction of an egalitarian and just society.
·         Working for quality education as a fundamental right of all.
Scientific Temper
·         Against dogmatism and superstition.
·         For rational and unprejudiced beliefs.